10 Things We Think We Think

With apologies to Peter King, here are 10 things we think we think
1. Guard rails are great, they offer a place to sit and lean your bike against
2. The gap between Joe and max’s biking ability is smaller than previously thought as Joe fell twice to max’s once
3. The forrest is a fantastic place to ride a bike through
4. Meeting a donor recipient today reaffirmed our purpose and drive
5. We haven’t been as bro-y as we thought. Crushed a mountain today though. Then crushed some beer
6. The amount of support has been mind-blowing, but not just at home. On the road so many people have been receptive to our cause and offer encouragement and promises of registration.
7. Mountains are cool to look at and hike through, but biking up them sucks.
8. There are already a ton of registered organ donors… but still not enough
9. It is weird seeing tarantula road kill
10. You should follow us on trackmytour. It is a great app.





6,316 thoughts on “10 Things We Think We Think

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