Day 2

If you thought our first day was crazy you aren’t going to believe what we did today.

It rained today…like a lot. Because of this, we have been stranded in Payson and have done zero riding today. I wish I was letting you all know about how Max and I rescued a bunch of children from a burning orphanage but that just didn’t happen. To be completely honest, we didn’t even go outside once today. I thought about it but didn’t want my hair to frizz so I went back to watching Dexter on my iPad (thanks for the Showtime account info Pops). Outside of mapping out some of our route and looking for places to sleep, the day was extremely uneventful. However, the downtime allowed for some interesting reflection.

As I said previously, this whole organ donation awareness/promotion idea literally began two weeks ago. When Max first suggested it, my original attitude was, “Eh…” I am an organ donor. I have long believed that everyone should be registered as an organ donor, but I have never been one to go around preaching to others about what they should or shouldn’t do. I thought, I am going to have to be one of those annoying people on Facebook who posts serious stuff instead of funny sarcastic things that make fun of other people. I knew it would be something good to do but it wasn’t as appealing as the thought of riding around on bikes acting childish. Despite my initial resistance, I got on board.

It has been two days since we left and my attitude has already changed. It has changed because of the people that have read our blog, sponsored us, tweeted (twatted?) about us or maybe just mentioned what we are doing to a friend. I realize now the impact we can have on other people’s beliefs and attitudes by simply bringing attention to it. Even though we have just begun, the amount of attention to the cause has been tremendous. Our voices have been magnified because of all the friends, family and strangers that have shown their support. If we get one new person to register then I’ll be proud because that one person may has the potential to change another’s life. Side note, we have already accomplished that goal (we had quite a few people message us today letting us know they registered) but hey, I wanted to set the bar low.

So thank you to all the individuals who have already shown their support not only to us, but to organ donation. It is all of you who are driving this thing and making it possible.


Back to being funny and sarcastic…
Just because I don’t care doesn’t mean I don’t understand.”
- Homer Simpson

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