We Out We Out We Out

So here is the story about why Max and I are riding our bikes to Chicago. My brother, Michael, had told my sister once that when he dies he would want his ashes spread at Wrigley Field. Feel free to laugh because I most definitely did when I heard about this and probably told him it was stupid when I found out. He is not from Chicago, he never even went to a game at Wrigley, so why should he be such a Cubs fan? The fact that he had this strong affinity for a baseball team (one that routinely let him down, no less) was something I never could comprehend and often made fun of him for. Maybe he took comfort in knowing how the end of the season would turn out even if it wasn’t the desired outcome. All too often people are comfortable with the predictable and familiar- but enough about contemplating the oddity of Chicago Cubs fandom.

After I found out that every medical school I applied to denied me last spring, I had to figure out what I was going to do with myself since I would no longer be in school. Getting a real job was definitely out of the question because the thought of acting like an adult is just frightening. So this idea of riding my bike to Chicago to spread my brother’s ashes on Wrigley field came to fruition. I don’t know how the Cubs Organization would feel about me putting what’s left of my dead brother on their field, or if it is something that I would even be allowed to do, but it was something nice that I thought I could do for my brother. Yes…I realize that flying or driving would be an quicker/easier way to get to my destination, but as I mentioned previously, I am trying to delay adulthood as much as possible, so taking the long route makes that task more accomplishable.

I tell my friends about my plan and the first thing Max says is, “Can I come?” I hadn’t really considered company but having someone other than myself to talk to while I went across the country was appealing so I said, “I guess…” Fast forward to about a week and a half ago. Max brings up the idea of supporting a cause while we go along on our trip. We discuss our options and decide to spread the word about organ donation as well as the Donate Life organization in general. Here’s why. First of all, you don’t need your organs when you are dead. Someone else might. Second, the Donate Life organization is simply amazing at what they do. My family and I lived in the waiting room of the ICU for four days while my brother was on life support when representatives came to talk to us about organ donation. At the worst time of our lives they found a way to inspire us. The night Michael died, three people received organs that allowed them to continue their lives. Registering to be an organ donor is something easy to do that can have a significant impact on another individual’s life. Register and spread the word.

If you have done so already, GREAT! Feel free to enjoy our site…All ten of you.


“You’re inches away from death every time you go on a mission. How much older can you be at your age?”
-John Yossarian

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