An ongoing annoyance on this journey has been dogs chasing after us. We go through a lot of rural areas where fences don’t exist and people’s precious pets are free to roam around as they please. This is all fine and dandy as long as your dog doesn’t feel the need to chase after me when I am riding my bike past your house. The little dogs are usually more prone to running after us but we have been chased by some large dogs as well. I love dogs. I had a dog growing up and I even stand my parents’ dog on her hind legs so I can hug her like a human. However, I have no reservations against putting my heel into your dog’s face if it is chasing after me. You have been warned dog owners.

We made it to Columbia on Saturday and I must say, I was disappointed in many of the Columbians (not those kind; Colombians are still fine in my book). One of Max’s high school friends came to meet up with us since he isn’t far from Columbia and had not seen Max in a while. So we went downtown so we could catch the ASU-Notre Dame game while we consumed some liquid calories to recover from the day’s ride. This proved to be more problematic than we expected as Mizzou was also playing at the same time. The fantastic thing about sports bars is that they usually have at least 37 televisions. We figured we could ask politely for one television to be switched to the ASU game while the other 36 could continue showing the Tigers. “NOPE! Can’t do it bro” was the response we got from the first three bars we went to. We eventually found a bar that agreed to let us watch. Plus, they had one-dollar mixed drinks (you know, to rehydrate) so we knew we were in the right place. Big thanks to Harpo’s in Columbia for being reasonable with your TV usage. To every other bar in downtown Mizzou: I wish Blaine-Gabbert-like failure upon all of your establishments.


Sunday was a rest day. We went to a Chinese restaurant and I ordered two meals because I now have a Phelpsian metabolism. The waitress looked at me like I was stupid since there was no way I would be able to finish all of the food. I did. We watched football, went to see Gravity and then devoured more food. Quite the eventful day!

We hopped back on to the Katy Trail today and made it to Hermann, Missouri which is where we are camping for tonight. The town was founded by Germans and is known for staying true to its roots. I haven’t seen anyone in lederhosen so I am kind of skeptical. We head to St. Louis tomorrow.


Individuals on are three times more likely to find a relationship than those who aren’t.”
- Commercial



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